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Chanel Vagrant bag handbag

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The Chanel Wandering Bag is made of soft retro calf leather with a pleated feel and irregular texture. The tramp bag comes with a base, which is its personality; The bottom is made of plastic injection molding, and the outer side is wrapped in smooth calf leather, which is very stiff. The wandering bag is a double chain strap, with a leather chain that transitions naturally from three colors: bright gold, bright silver, and matte black. The Chanel wandering bag has a long chain that can be adjusted at will.

Size: 20 x 16cm

Chanel Vagrant bag handbag(图1)

Chanel Vagrant bag handbag(图2)

Chanel Vagrant bag handbag(图3)

Chanel Vagrant bag handbag(图4)

Chanel Vagrant bag handbag(图5)



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